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Waiting is Such a Battle

So many tests, so little time...The Specialist Con't.

We were thrilled at this time because we thought we were finally making headway. Then the “specialist” tells us that she wants me to go into Boston to be seen by one more doctor in regard to my Blood pressure as well as the boarder-line diabetes and the elevated cholesterol. I can’t speak for my husband but I was like, “you have got to be shitting me now!” But she wasn’t. Deep down I was beginning to feel as though they were all against me, and she was just stalling thinking that I would eventually give up. Well, I was nowhere near that point yet, and I was going to show her! I was going to get pregnant just to prove to her that I was healthy enough to get this done. Yes I was!

There was another couple of weeks waiting for an appointment to see this new doctor at the fertility center at the Brigham and Women’s hospital in Boston. I went to this appointment on my own and was seen by now only the doctor but the diabetic educator. They took yet another history and did more blood work. The plan was to come off the statin I was on because you couldn’t this while pregnant as well as the blood pressure medicine I was on but this could be switch out for a different one. However, this new doctor wanted me to come back and see her again in a couple of weeks to see how much the cholesterol went up after being off the statin and she wanted me to start on Insulin while I was trying to get pregnant the old fashion way. Insulin? I was not a diabetic just yet, so I did fight this but soon gave up when she told me it would be better for both me and the baby. Then she laughed and told me to get used to shots because the fertility injections were much “bigger needles!” Well that just thrilled me to no end.

With time slipping through my fingertips like sand going through an hour-glass I waited and did everything they all told me to do. I returned in a month, which in fertility time felt like years. My “B&W” doctor was pleased with everything I had done including a nice weight loss. My blood was taken and the results were what she was willing to accept, so I was cleared by her to return back to the other fertility center closer to home. I was going to have to still see her throughout the pregnancy, and I was more than willing to see because I really liked her much better than the other specialist anyhow.

Back to our specialist was our next step and when I saw her, she was pleased with the weight loss and all the effort I was putting into this. I was thinking that maybe she finally believed me when I told her how important this all was to us. Finally, she wrote out the script for the fertility drugs and I was on my way to our first attempt at insemination. Oh, and the needles were really big.

So, the way that this works is that I take the hormone shots for the month along with the insulin and in that short little window that I am ovulating Ben will have to do his part. Well, you must have figured that out by now, as all he has to do is “do it” into a cup and the bring it to be the lab. All within a certain amount of time and then I go to the clinic and they use this sweet little but painful “tool” to inseminate me.

Now we only have two chances to get this done and after the insemination I have to sit in a certain position for a while then I get to go home. That night we were told to have more wonderful sex but this time make it fun and don’t be stressed out. With instructions like that how could anyone get stressed out! In two weeks, we would know it the first insemination worked. These were the longest two weeks of my life. We were told to take a pregnancy test at home first before calling for another date. We had to call for another date, for the first insemination failed.

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