News and Events


Marilyn like many graduates was unable to attend graduation for her Master's degree, for ceremonies were canceled due to the Pandemic of 2020! She received her Masters' in English and Creative Writing (focus in Non-Fiction) at Southern New Hampshire University, and once again graduating Summa Cum Laude. 


Marilyn will be taking some time off following graduation to rest up in order to move ahead with her plans of finishing the memoir about her brother -The Killing Label. Her brother's medical records have arrived and she has been busy researching for information that will push her work into something very worthwhile and publishable. 


Marilyn has been forced to take a little time off for a long-overdue Total Knee replacement! She is hoping to be able to work through the pain and rehab in order to finish with her current work in progress - The Killing Label.


This year Marilyn is fundraising for an organization called the Barefoot Republic. A charity that puts underprivileged kids into summer camps. Please see- If you wish to donate! Marilyn also manage to do a fundraiser again for the Pan-Mass-Challenge, and wishes to thank all her donors who helped push her past her $1,000 dollar goal! 



Fall-time- The new year! 

Marilyn will continue to work on a Memoir entitled The Killing Label. With the completion of this memoir with hopes of publication before 2021! Then she will be applying for adjunct professor positions at several universities while she continues to work on her other memoirs already in progress.