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The Journey Continues...

Ben with our first "Child"

When we were finally married, we went right at it, from the time of the honeymoon right to that time when you say to each other; “something was wrong, something should be cooking by now!” At this point, you start asking family members what they think. Don't do this because this action is wrong, wrong, and more wrong and it is not a solution to the problem! Go right to the medical professionals (and I say this because I am a medical professional) they are the only ones you should consult. I say this with love towards my family, but some of the responses we got weren’t very helpful. Of course, my family is all over the weight issue (yes you guessed it, I’m overweight), “maybe if you lose some of that weight, that would help,” or something like this, “I think it may be from your extra weight.” There were so many other “words of wisdom,” such as “does he wear boxers or briefs, whatever he is wearing they should be loose.” “Are you monitoring your cycle right, pinpoint your time of the month, take your temperature, eat this before, eat that afterward, don’t go to the bathroom when it’s over.” And my all-time favorite, “When you're through with the sex part, the woman, (They mean me of course) sit upside down in your recliner chair with your legs in the air!” You may be laughing, but I was in that state that I would try anything. So, I actually did try this, and it leads to a great deal of laughter, but that’s about all, oh and a stiff neck the next day, maybe even a backache but indeed no pregnancy. The next step is really what should have been our first, and that was to consult with the medical experts. I first went to my family physician, and she sent me to the gynecologist. This new GYN first did an exam, and then proceeded to inform me that I was in high risk category for pregnancy. She then asked me do I really want to continue with trying to get pregnant. Well yeah, duh, what do you think I was here for in the first place? After this awkward moment, she then sets up the “tests,” First comes all the blood texts, got to find out about those hormones! Next were the physical texts, I had to have what they call a Hysterosalpingogram, it’s a ten-dollar word for a very uncomfortable procedure, for me anyhow. This exam is usually done at a hospital; Because radiographic contrast (dye) is injected into the uterine cavity through the vagina and cervix. The uterine cavity fills with dye and if the fallopian tubes are open, dye fills the tubes and spills into the abdominal cavity. What they don’t know is that I had an “Odd” shaped Uterus and cervix and they needed a different type and particular size speculum to get the die in through the cervix, to begin the test. This was a slightly embarrassing moment at the time of the first test and even more so when I had to return after they could find such a speculum. With this exam, the doctors were going to be able to see if I had any blockage in my tubes, and if I did it would show up on the little TV screen they put up at the head of the table, so both you and your Doc can see it, sweet huh? As if I was going to be able to “see” this. Picture this, you’re up on a cold x-ray table and you have your legs spread open and upward, then the doctor tells look at that screen. Somehow, I try to move my head and neck to look up at the screen, yet my legs don’t move, and there is a speculum you know where, so you get the picture, don't you? Well, after this exam, I’m told that the tubes are perfect and if there was a blockage the die has pushed it out, so go home and try again, then let the doctor know in a month or two if you get pregnant. So, now we must add on two to three more months of trying, my window seemed to be closing and getting more and more difficult with each leg of the journey.

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