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There is no secret that this country of ours is smack dab in the middle of an overwhelming drug abuse involving Opioids and Heroin. So many tragic and sad deaths that are so unnecessary. This crisis has touched everyone; no one has escaped. Whether you are a victim, a...

Yes, My Dogs Are My Kids…

       Is There Really a Commonality Between Dogs and Children?

            There are many mothers and fathers who will tell you that having children cannot compare to having dogs.  These individuals are very wrong....

             I have seen many patients in chronic pain, it’s not an easy sight to see, some cuss at you, some cry at you and some even spit at you when they can’t get what they want.  Then there are those who go down the road of finding their own solution to easing tha...

               When you have worked in home care for as long as I have, you often have a sense of when there is going to be a difficult case that Challenges you.  It’s not because your boss says “good luck to you” after she hands you...

                                                                BAPTISM BY FIRE

      I started out at t...

So many tests, so little time...The Specialist Con't.

                We were thrilled at this time because we thought we were finally making headway.  Then the “specialist” tells us that she wants me to go into Boston to be seen by one more doctor in regard to my Blood...

            So after having the gynecologist tell us that there should be no reason why we are not getting pregnant, and she is now going to send us to the fertility center.  We were finally given the go-ahead to see the specialist, and if she...

          When we were finally married, we went right at it, from the time of the honeymoon right to that time when you say to each other; “something was wrong, something should be cooking by now!”  At this point, you start asking family members wha...

February 2, 2018

We still do not understand to this day why Chloe had such a fight with he bed, but it made for some laughter for sure...

January 28, 2018

               Once upon a time, way back when you were a little girl or even a little boy, you were given a dream.  That someday, you were going to meet that one person that you were meant to spend the rest of your life with.  The on...

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