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      Marilyn M. Soper also is known as Sassysnaps the Writer is best known for her memoirs.  She currently has three in the works. My Mothers Voices, VNA Nurses...Can These Stories really Be True?, So, You Couldn't Have a Baby...Get a Puppy!  And all-new - The Killing Label - A new memoir based on her late brother.

    "My Mother's Voices"


     My Mother's Voices is a memoir based on the life of the author's mother.  Who was cursed with a horrid childhood, and multiple mental illnesses throughout her entire life, and that of her family's lives.  This is a heartwarming story that is filled with happiness, sorrow, laughter, and encouragement.  




Coming soon
"VNA Nurses...Can These Stories Really Be True?"

     As a retired RN, Marilyn Soper was a visiting nurse for most of her career. Follow her and her fellow nurses through some of the strangest, oddest, craziest, saddest, funniest, and heartwarming visits.  Find out why the nurses say, "you just can't make this crap up!"  These stories will make you wonder who your next door neighbor really is, and at the same time wonder how some families survive the world of bad health and mental illness.  


Coming soon
"So, You Couldn't Have a Baby...Get a Puppy!" 

     Follow the author and her husband through the crazy world of infertility, with all it's ups and downs and failures.  When the couple finally accepts their destiny and turn their world to the dogs...literally!  Ben and Marilyn find much love and purpose raising purebred German Shepherds and their puppies.  See how their lives change and how they cope with not being "people parents." 

Coming soon
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