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Review 1

"So, You Couldn't have a Baby...Get a Puppy!"

Jessica Cogswell says...

"Amazing how the author turns her life from sadness to emptiness to joy. It takes you through the sorrow of not being able to have what most women want in life to the discovery of knowing what is enough.!"


Review 2

"My Mother's Voices"

Anthony Smith says...

"Outstanding!  What a gripping story, it's captivating from the very beginning to the end. Can't believe that this could be true. It's sad, it's funny, it's a joy, and it's beautiful."


Review 3

"VNA Nurses...Can These Stories Really Be true?"

Marilyn Lauricella says...

"OMG...Who would have thought that this kind of stuff really happens in peoples homes?  This book will take you form teas to fears and make you laugh and cry at the same time.  What a Joy." 

Review 4

Love following Sassysnaps blog!

Azrial Cross says...

"The Author's blog is filled with everyday observations and is witty, wise and wonderful...Can't wait for the next entry!"

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