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Babies are work, no matter what shape or form they may come in...

When my husband and I could not have children, we were devastated and thought we had no chance at having a family. However, we soon learned to live with the brutal honesty and tried to move on with our lives. It wasn't until my husband started to have seizures again that I realized that not having children was God's way of protecting us. Of Course, my mother-in-law ask why he started having seizures again, after all "the only thing different was that we were all married now." You have to imagine this in a good ole southern voice because that is my mother in-law. I love this woman so much! As the years wet by, my husband and I knew we were lacking something in our lives but we knew deep down that it was probably the lack of children. So, I made an executive decision in our home and began looking for a German Shepherd puppy. This blog is how we survived a childless family and how it became a "new" way of life. Please follow us through this journey, I promise that it may not always be sunshine and lollipops, but it is interesting to say the least.

Babies are hard no matter what shape or form they come in

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