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"Well, hello there and welcome to our Mom's website.  We're her "Kids."  My name is Chloe that's me with my ears up high and the sun at my back.  That mutt in the front of me is Charlie.  We were partners once. Yeah, we made some beautiful pups for sure, but then I got into trouble and had to have an emergency C-Section. Now we are both, well you know.  I don't think I need to tell you, and not only that, but  Charlie doesn't understand the way we women do. He's a guy, need I say more?"


"Hey Chloe, are you talking 'bout me? You know I'm the alpha dog, Right? Did you tell them that Mom's working on four books?  Mmmmm, I thought so, come on inside, and visit the website.  Meet everyone else, and check out what's happening, and take a look at Mom's Blog."  


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