Marilyn M. Soper
Feb 4, 2018

I have named all my cats after the Winnie the Pooh cHaracter


Edited: Feb 9, 2018


All mu cats have been named after Pooh Characters, right now I have Winnie and Kanga, sadly, Pooh, Rooh, and Tigger are gone.


Where do you come up with your names?

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  • Marilyn M. Soper
    Feb 4, 2018

    KIng Kanga Princess Winnie Charlie and Chloe
  • Marilyn M. Soper
    Feb 4, 2018

    As most of you know I have two cats and two beautiful German Shepherds, they are my children! I have had them all since their birth. I have seen them through sickness and even Doggie daycare! I know some don't think having a puppy is anything like having a baby, but I have experince in both and I'm telling it's very close. What do you think?
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